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We bring a team of experts to the table with each Dairy Barn System. Designed by dedicated in-house engineers and overseen by an experienced project planning team, we work hard to deliver your dairy shed on schedule and on budget. With Calder Stewart you benefit from an end-to-end process, supported by key partnerships to ensure your Dairy Barn System is fitted with modern, state-of-the-art dairy technology. Key partnerships include ANZ to facilitate the finance of a build, and GEA to outfit each shed with all the bells and whistles.

When Bruce Stewart and his business partner embarked on a business venture together back in 1955 they did so on the back of a staunch work ethic and a belief in traditional values. Today, despite having grown from a two-man operation into a multi-million dollar company with offices right around the country, those same principles underpin everything we do. From day one we’ve blended an innovative, entrepreneurial mindset with a practical, hands-on understanding of construction and the industries we serve.  

Over the years we’ve remained true to our roots, resisting calls to relocate our headquarters from the rural community of Milton in which it was founded, and taking considerable pride in the enduring relationships we share with New Zealand’s dairy farmers. While our skills have evolved and the scope of the projects we work on has increased, we continue to pour our heart and soul into the agricultural sector. Dairy Barn Systems reflect that commitment, providing the opportunity for farmers all over the country to future-proof their businesses and set themselves up for ongoing, sustainable success.

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