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New dairy technology in 2019

While the most obvious signs of change might be thinner phones, electric cars and faster internet, the advances we’re seeing in technology are also being applied to the dairy industry. Here’s a look at a few ways farmers are already using new technology to make their lives’ easier – both here and abroad.

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Parasite control in cattle

Endoparasites and ectoparasites can pose a significant threat to cattle health and performance. The risk of infection varies, so having better management and effective use of anthelmintics means the impact of parasites and risk of anthelmintic resistance can be limited.

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5 Ways to Create an Effective Effluent System

While investing in a custom-designed system sounds like a no brainer, missing the basics can be costly. Here are 5 ways you can create an effective effluent system.

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2018 Review: What Happened in Dairy This Year?

2018 was a big year for dairy in New Zealand, and unfortunately it wasn’t all for the right reasons. Read through the biggest highlights here.

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New Zealand Agricultural Show 2018

Shane McDonald and Graham Petrie, from the Calder Stewart rural team, attended the 156th Canterbury A & P Show held at the Canterbury Agricultural Park in Christchurch. Read all about what went on here.

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Biosecurity on Dairy Farms

With last year’s outbreak of Mycoplasma bovis in South Canterbury bringing this conversation back into the limelight, it’s more important than ever for farmers to be aware of the risk and do what they can to prevent future outbreaks.

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