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New dairy technology in 2019

While the most obvious signs of change might be thinner phones, electric cars and faster internet, the advances we’re seeing in technology are also being applied to the dairy industry. Here’s a look at a few ways farmers are already using new technology to make their lives’ easier – both here and abroad.

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Preparing your dairy farm for winter

What if this winter was the worst on record…is your farm ready? Here's a quick rundown of some important aspects you should think about as it comes into the colder months.

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Keeping Cattle Cool

Heat stress, also known as ‘hyperthermia’ is when a dairy cow's heat load is greater than their capacity to lose heat. So what are some ways to deal with it? And how do you spot it in the first place?

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A round up of the best off-paddock barn solutions

2017 has been an eventful year with several trips, both overseas and locally to see how farmers are using different off-paddock options and the various successes they’ve noticed. Here’s a round up of the most common types we use in New Zealand plus some key takeaway facts from our travels.

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How does dairy farming affect waterways?

In this article, we’ll discuss what the problem really is with the dairy industry affecting the waterways, and how we can work towards mitigating it.

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