Case Study

Ross and Lorraine Stewart wanted to stop effluent run-off and get the cows out of the mud on their dairy farm in Greenpark near Lincoln, Canterbury.

It was a challenge we were keen to help these down-to-earth farmers overcome.

They were keen to get their cows out of the mud to stop them destroying the paddocks in winter, while their desire to stop run-off was based on environmental concerns for the nearby Lake Ellesmere. In partnership with the Stewarts, we decided to build a Dairy Barn System (DBS).

Constructed by rural building specialist Calder Stewart, this is a five-row barn with an overhanging vent ridge for ventilation. The barn has state-of-the-art equipment and effluent management systems from GEA, ensuring winter productivity is maintained without compromising the health of the cows.

Project manager Shane McDonald worked closely with the Stewarts and GEA to come up with a design and build that fitted both their budget and their requirements.

The DBS has given the Lincoln farmers increased milk production, zero pasture damage in the winter, healthier cows as they are out of the weather, and let them control effluent.

Get in touch now if you’re in a similar position, or for any other reason need a DBS on your farm.