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New dairy technology in 2019

While the most obvious signs of change might be thinner phones, electric cars and faster internet, the advances we’re seeing in technology are also being applied to the dairy industry. Here’s a look at a few ways farmers are already using new technology to make their lives’ easier – both here and abroad.

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Benefits of indoor dairy farming

With quickly changing rules and regulations, as well as the increasing focus on quality sustainable farming systems, technology, milk prices and effluent management, it’s worth investigating how indoor dairy farming solutions could help you stay ahead of the game.

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Lessons to learn from Netherlands dairy farming – Part 1

Keith Woodford recently travelled to Holland with Calder Stewart representatives to see what can be learned from their dairy farming practices. This is part 1 of 3, which is a basic overview of the Dutch dairying industry.

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Dairy Barn Tour of the USA and the Netherlands – Part 1

We recently travelled to the USA and the Netherlands to see what can be learned from their dairy farming practices. Our key purpose was to look at hybrid systems that utilise both dairy barns and pasture grazing. In Part 1 we cover off the key stats from the farms in the USA.

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News Article: Why dairy may turn to barns

In late April, published an article titled “Breaking out of the milk powder trap: Why dairy may turn to barns.” This piece talks to former Lincoln University agribusiness professor, Keith Woodford, who believes New Zealand's dairy production system needs a rethink.

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